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Addison, Texas
Cabot, Arkansas

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After working with Addison for over 3 years, SBI is incredibly pleased with the level of service and dedication that Addison Transportation provides us with. Not only does Bill handle the day to day operations with ease, Addison is able to come through for us in difficult transportation situations that arise, and we feel that this is because of their experience, contacts, and quick thinking. They have been and will continue to be recommended by SBI.


Heather Shank

Customer Service


Addison Foods, Inc., was formed in Addison, Texas in 1978. Since inception, the company has developed into four separate operating divisions:

1) U.S. Pet Food Supply- A purchaser and supplier of wholesale meat raw materials to the pet food industry.
2) Pet Food Plants - Processing plants in Suffolk, VA and Tar Heel, NC
3) Edible Meats - Purchasing and sales of wholesale edible meats
4) Addison Transportation - A federally licensed freight broker.

Addison Foods Transportation Services began operations in January 1998 at the corporate office in Addison, Texas. Kevin Kokjohn, Traffic Manager for Addison Foods, Inc. since 1987 was the first employee and now serves as Vice-President of Operations.

Through development of strong relationships with customers and carriers, Addison was able to open a remote office in Cabot, Arkansas in 2001. Brian Evans, Freight Broker in the Addison, Texas office since 2000, was moved back to his native Arkansas to manage this office.

In December 2007 Addison Foods Transportation Services changed its name to Addison Transportation for a broader appeal for all facets of the transportation industry.

Currently between the two offices Addison employs a daily operations staff of 20. In most months, Addison coordinates over 1200 loads involving over 200 customers.

Addison takes the stance that the customer is always right and that we must do everything within our power to honor our commitments. Addison strives to maintain a superior reputation for service and reliability in the transportation industry.

From the beginning, Addison developed a philosophy of creating long lasting relationships with carriers, paying them within 21 days and using them on a daily basis, year round for better overall service. To this day, we still practice this philosophy.



“Over the past two years we have come to utilize Addison Transportation more and more in handling our freight. We appreciate there willingness to do whatever it takes to get our product moved. We look forward to continuing this relationship in the years to come.”

Curt Lutrell


Arcelor Pine Bluff, Inc.



Transco Lines has enjoyed a long, multi-year relationship with the transportation arm of Addison Transportation and looks forward to continue that in the years to come. All of our CSR’s have a good working relationship with them and have never experienced any major problems with any of their loads. We average 30 to 40 loads per month with them at least and sometimes more. They are very high on our customer list, loading us out of all areas of the country.

In a time when many carriers are cutting off Brokerage/Logistics firms, we look at Addison as a major customer and intend to do everything we can to continue this relationship in the foreseeable future. There is a mutual respect between our companies, a true partnership and loyalty that is hard to find in today’s market. When those are developed, they must be maintained.


Transco Lines, Inc.

E. Wayne Bookout

Senior Vice President



Dear Kevin:

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank your staff for another successful year of service. I can't begin to tell you how accommodating your staff has been for me primarily Terry Barrett. Terry has gone above and beyond any expectation that I have ever set, and as you probably know my expectations are set with very little reaction time. In this business customer demands are generally made at the very last minute and without Terry I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to accomplish a good portion of them. Customer service is our top priority at Rentacrate Inc. and its very refreshing to get that kind of service in retum which is what I get every time I speak with Terry.

Addison Transportation is now responsible for about 95% of our trucking and the reasoning is very simple; customer service, cost and reliability. You make all other brokers look bad in all three categories.

I appreciate everything that Terry and the rest of your staff has done for me this year and I look forward to another great year of service in 2007.


Scott Abbott
National Service Rep.
Rentacrate, Inc

(Read the actual letter here.)



FTC Transportation has been working with Addison since 1999, and has been extremely pleased with every aspect of our partnership. Mike Stewart, Addison’s Transportation Coordinator, has been a great source for us finding loads all over the country for our trucks. Their rates are very competitive. Over the past nine years Addison has maintained a twenty-three day average to pay on outstanding invoices. This is well below the industry average. Our drivers enjoy dealing with the people in Addison dispatch offices and have always felt they are treated with respect and in a courteous manner. In an industry such as ours it is great to find consistency, loyalty, and dedication to a job well done.  We look forward to many more years of partnership with Addison Foods Inc.


Barb Brumbaugh, Dispatcher

Bob Dixon, Dir. of Operations

FTC Transportation


I would like to especially thank Rodney and the Addison Transportation team for providing excellent service.  New Fluid Solutions, Inc. has been extremely satisfied.  Our company is very happy with the prompt response that is provided to our customer's unique needs.  Rodney has never let our company down; he has always been there to help save the day.  Any request for special transportation or situations has been met with a quick turn around time.  The customer service that has been shown is very impressive; I am always kept up to date on the status of every order. 
Thanks for your attention to our transportation needs!!  We continue to look forward to the upcoming years.  

Gabbie and Kay
New Fluid Solutions, Inc. 

Hello Brian -

I just wanted to take this time out to thank Addison Transportaion and particularly everyone in your office [Cabot] for providing Warner Home Video with outstanding service in retrieving trucks at the last minute and being able to fulfill this demand during our busiest time of the 4th qtr season. I know that there have been a lot of obstacles to challenge shipping from our distribution facilities and Addison has been able to tackle those challenges head on and accomplish our DVD distribution.

Lastly, I would like to comment that with this type of excellent service coupled with good customer relations we can continue to have Addison as one of our main carriers for WHV shipment DVD/VHS distribution nationwide.

Thank you and with best regards,

Ernie Vasquez
Manager of Transportation
Warner Home Video



"I have been in the transportation business for about 20 yrs, and have yet to find a freight broker that I have worked as close to as I have with Addison Transp.   They are some of the best people to work with. They are professionals in the freight business. I would recommend them to anybody in the tranportation industry."

Bubba Adams

Customer Service

Pike Transportation



"Addison Transportation is absolutely one of the "GREATEST" transportation groups to work with. Kevin and his group are a breath of fresh air in the industry. They are very timely with information and deliveries. You can always count on them to "Do what they say their going to do". I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Toya Brown
Nestle Purina
Atlanta Manufacturing Facility


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